Concealed Carry Resources Every Gun Owner Needs

Whether you’re looking for concealed carry training, facts about firearms, gun laws, shooting ranges or self-defense information, the USCCA has compiled everything you need to know to legally and effectively protect the ones you love.

Browse the selections below to access our most popular and comprehensive concealed carry resources to help you become a safe, knowledgeable and confident first line of defense.

Know Your Rights

Check your concealed carry permit reciprocity to see where your CCW is valid and discover every state’s concealed carry rules and gun laws. Updated weekly, this CCW map can save you time and trouble. Learn About USCCA Membership Learn More

Whether you are traveling by plane, Amtrak, bus or in your RV, there are many gun laws and regulations that you need to know to legally carry and transport a gun across state lines.

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Discover the federal gun and self-defense laws and regulations that impact all responsibly armed Americans and the right to protect themselves from criminals.

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Resources for Gun Owners

Visit the most comprehensive concealed carry resource and blog for gun owners and discover weekly articles on self-defense, firearms, range training, handgun accessories and more.

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Subscribe today and discover real-life stories, CCW training tips, gun range drills, EDC gear and gun reviews, and more from the top concealed carry and firearms magazine in the nation.

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Download lifesaving information on home defense, choosing a gun for self-defense, recognizing and responding to a deadly threat, and much more.

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Access a number of free videos about handgun safety, carrying a concealed weapon, and other training tips and tactics to help you prepare for common, dangerous situations. More training videos are available if you create a free account or become a USCCA Member.

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We’ve provided academic research, verified data and unbiased resources from both sides of the gun-control debate to help you separate gun facts from fiction and engage in constructive conversations about self-defense.

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Prepare to Protect

If you are serious about protecting yourself and your loved ones, a gun isn’t enough. You need to go through the training and process of getting your concealed carry permit to truly understand the rights and responsibilities of being a legal gun owner.

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Discover your options for learning how to defend yourself with a firearm. The USCCA offers both in-person, classroom-style concealed carry courses by local instructors as well as in-depth, online training for situational awareness and safe, accurate shooting.

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Learn about important concealed carry and firearms terms, plus the crucial legal language every gun owner should know with the USCCA’s Terminology Guide.

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Read the new book that reveals the little-known history of the US Concealed Carry Association.

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